Sarosa Health is the trusted name for Transitional Care and SDA in

Sarosa Health is a company dedicated to health and care services to improve patient outcomes and free up clinical spaces in our hospital system.

We are passionate about working with individuals and health administrators to provide clinical and social care in a tranquil, peaceful community setting outside the congested hospital system.

Our focus on care for people brings many benefits to both the individual and the health system in specific and innovative ways.

We give people the opportunity to receive transitional care in a home-like community setting.

We work directly with individuals to secure the right SDA packages for their needs.

At Sarosa Health we are passionate about working together with residents and their families.

We seek to improve the lives of people living with a disability, injury, or chronic health condition. We do this by empowering residents to live independently and without disadvantage, with appropriate support in place, as they choose.

We build homes that improve residents’ lives.

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